AddQual can support the capture of both dimensional and material characteristics within a project utilising the latest 3D CAD tools and effective metallurgical preparation methods.
For projects that have no dimensional data, AddQual can utilise their industry-leading non-contact 3D scanning system for re-engineering.

3D Scanning

We deliver high-quality 3D scanning services, digitally capturing the 3D form of your product hardware in localised areas or as a full model to generate CAD data, Simulation data and/or measurement data.
Using our traceable and quality controlled capabilities we are able to capture the most demanding free-form components where traditional tactile methods fall short.
By utilising photogrammetry, with our GOM high-resolution scanner, we capture the surface form using millions of points, offering a richer data set and precise measurements before transforming with a combination of high-value surface software that enables us to deliver your project in a controlled timely manner.

Materials Characterisation

AddQual are able to offer a broad range of materials characterisation tests that allow the customer to fully understand the product capability versus its customer requirements and goals.

Redeye 2090

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