AddQual support the controlled transformation of data into useable information, from trend analysis and statistical process control data through to re-engineering mesh generation and creation of high definition CAD surface models and engineering drawings.
Aided with data, AddQual are able to assit the customer and produce adjustments and changes that supports the customer in achieve their development and improvement goals.

Data Transformation

AddQual is able to analyse large data sets and identify associations, trends and capability that can be used to improve the process and identify manufacturing problems and controls that increase process performance.

Scan Transformation

AddQual can develop and supply re-engineered information to resolve risks utilising their capabilities to develop and supply drawings, re-meshed data and revised CAD definition.
When performing subcontract measurement, we add value by taking processed data and offering this back to the customers factory allowing them to react and reduce risks.

Production Audit

With a vast experience of production setups for high-value components, AddQaul is able to offer an insight and process that allows the customer to be more prepared and ready for production. AddQual is able to offer a structured evaluation and deliver a methodology that reduces the risks to production readiness.

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